Where did you buy that?

Hereby a much, much requested english version of my Dutch “where did you get that?” blog. This lists all my downstairs furniture and where i got it!

Feel free to message me with any questions!
Yes! it was my intention months ago. A clear blog about where we bought our stuff! Every day, a few times a day people ask me, where did you buy that? Our armchair is a popular one, our walls (color or paint type?) (Wallpaper or stucco?), The couch, the dining area, the kitchen etc!

This is a huge solution for me since I can refer people nicely to this blog! Pay attention! This is not a sponsored blog, but I obviously have a lot of gifted stuff in the house, so keep that in mind! Some names occur more often. Sometimes because I just like to shop there! I myself am not a fan of copying work of something as personal as an interior, so let yourself be inspired, but follow your own path!

Unfortunately (for you maybe) I am also a real outlet / cycle / sale shopper, so some things you will not find in the store where I bought it!

The living room

  1. Black round ornament on top of cabinat from Bleq
  2. Bearclaw dried plant picked by the road
  3. Marrocan mirrors Noa may living
  4. Wallhanger vilt wool stylishverantwoord
  5. Black steel cabinet bepurehome (no longer available)
  6. Black rubber vase Noa may living
  7. Couch Troubadour outlet (no longer available )
  8. Black pillow from Didi
  9. Plaid gray Westwing
  10. Fauteuil / arm chair green from Hangar40 (no longer available )
  11. Plaid creme DIY merino wool Makawoo
  12. Little wood side table Troubadour via marktplaats.nl
  13. Set of 2 round coffeetables troubadour outlet
  14. Seagras basket Koya Living
  15. Ferro candleholders PTMD
  16. Color on the wall unknown (already here when we bought the house)
  17. Rug troubadour outlet

Dinner area


  1. Round wall decor d-Bohdi from Gister&vandaag
  2. Basket secondhandstore
  3. Stool vtwonen ‘spider’
  4. Table, chairs and bench Robuuste tafels
  5. Lamp bepure home spotlicht line via wehkamp.nl
  6. Chalkpaint wall pure and original fresco chalk in ‘Warm grey’ bij Esatto Ravensbergen
  7. Plaid Makawoo






  1. Chalkpaint wall pure and original fresco kalk in ‘Warm grey’ bij Esatto Ravensbergen
  2. Shelve oakwood Woodfarm
  3. Papua necklace Koya Living
  4. Mirror with feathers By Bazz
  5. Kitchen from ikea
  6. Walltiles Hornbach
  7. Stow Bosch
  8. Airfilter Smeg
  9. All little accesories secondhand store
  10. Magnetboard Bietje
  11. Posters and canvas More than canvas
  12. Towl rack Nadine home
  13. Towl rack accesories With Liv
  14. Towls Action

That was the ground floor! Hopefully this answers all your questions! If not, send me a message!

Greetings Anne

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